Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday (or Tues) Meal Plan

Better late than never. I seriously didn't even remember it was a Monday yesterday until well after I woke up. Good thing Chick Fil A was handing out free chicken sandwiches to everyone sporting a team logo yesterday, so dinner was taken care of. (No, we're not too proud to take advantage of that!) Here's the meal plan for the rest of the week:






leftovers for fam
(I'm eating out!)

Wednesday's fare remains unknown although there is a plan in place. A few of us are trying this new cooking playdate where we try out a new recipe while the kids play, and we leave with a hot meal in hand to serve for dinner. We haven't decided whose turn it is to pick the recipe, but I'm excited to start this little ritual. Oh, and notice the new planner? I scored this vintage frame at an estate sale recently, painted it, and will offer it in my shop as soon as I put the finishing touches on it.

Hope you had a great long weekend!
What's on the menu at your house?


nkp said...

I love, love, love the cook and play idea. Please share how it works out and all the details. Brilliant {and fun}!

Kasey said...

I would die if we had a chick fil-e near us.
love your meal plan idea Erin.

DesBisoux said...

your meal plan white is really glam!

ms. less is always more said...

we had BLTS last night... so, so good! and so, so simple! hope your week is off to a great start!

knack said...

we did free chicken too!! It is so awesome to get free food for dinner...then we went to Barnes and Noble and read mags......so great!

I'll tell you, we are eating lots of fruits and veggies this week....I'm trying to be more healthy! we'll see how it goes! xo

Dallas Shaw said...

fun! I just made a meal plan for the week too- but didn't grocery shop yet... we'll see if I can stick to it


Kotori said...

Can't wait to cook together on Wednesday! Should be fun...

Love the new meal planner!

amy and ann said...

cant wait to see how wed goes! any ideas?

Becca said...

Mmm, I love BLT's! And love the new frame, it's adorable. I posted my meal plan yesterday!

our little love nest said...

I love your new meal planner. I think we are doing butternut squash soup tonight with the fresh grainy organic bread I baked this morning...the smell is making me crazy hungry today. Hope your day is full of good things! xoxo

christina said...

I really LOVE the cook/playdate thing. I'm gonna need to instigate that. And don't feel too bad about chick-fil-a. I miss having one around.

paula said...

I adore the new board. I saw one to hang invitations and think I may need one.

Jenny said...

I forgot about CFA last night. Dang it.
I went shopping without a plan or a list so this week could be a mess. Tonight is for sure something with a rotiserrie chicken.

Tracey said...

Hi Erin! I LOVE the cooking playdate idea...might just have to steal that fab one!!!

:) T

down and out chic said...

no clue what's on the menu, maybe i should ask b?
oh, who am i kidding, he's in charge of that stuff:)

Kristin said...

I wanna come over for chicken club salad. Yummmmm!