Friday, February 5, 2010

Choose Well.

{via this lovely site. excellent book too}

So simple, yet so hard to remember.
Have a stunningly awesome weekend!
Here's to choosing well.


littlebyrd said...

That is a great book! And how true...both the statement and remembering to do it. Have a great weekend!!!

karey m. said...

this hit me sweetly this morning. had to share with kirtsy.

xoxo. and thanks. karey m.

Beth Ann said...

This is one of my favorite books! And such a true statement. Thanks for sharing.

Chronicles Of A Mommy said...

Oh love this! I just bought your Fruits of the Spirit printable from your Etsy shop. LOVE it!!!

Slumber Designs said...

Amen to that quote! I love it. Sometimes, you just need little reminders... thanks for that reminder :-)

Rachel Follett said...

Great words to live by! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend!

Janean said...

this goes along with what i was thinking about earlier....making a difference in another person's life! yay!

Iva said...


Happy Friday Erin!! Have a great weekend!

paige said...

this is so perfect!
you always have the sweetest quotes
you are just a delight